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In order to effect a purchase, the buyer needs to register and submit the necessary information, acccording to the means of payment, and also the address to which they wish to which the goods delivered. Once registered, it is not necessary to repeat this step in the event of further purchases. The submission of the correct details and address are necessary for the processing and delivering of orders.

Once registered as a client of the company, it is only necessary to use your user-name and password to gain accesss to the wide range of stock available (links, product profiles, orders etc).

All information proffered by the client, with the exception of credit card details, will be incorporated into a database for the purpose of efficient delivery of orders. The client can, at any time, exercise their right to gain access to their personal details stored by the company,also, to make changes to this data, and to cancel their inclusion on the database. This is in accordance with Spanish law (compliant with EU directives) as set out in the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, concerning data protection.

Shopping Cart

This is where the client deposits orders. In the case of the purchase of more than one product, information regarding total price and total purchases is clearly shown.

If more than one unit of any particular product is required, then the relevant number should be inserted under the box marked 'quantity,.

By clicking on 'Shopping Cart', the clients can see the products they have chosen, can make changes at this stage, and can remove unwanted items by clicking on the box under the waste paper basket symbol.

The box marked 'Purchase, will lead to the information necessary on how to pay, and for efficient delivery.


Please read carefully the section titled Delivery of Product in the Conditions of Contract

Farmacia Granados delivers it's products to all parts of the Spanish state and to a number of other EU countries including the Republic of Ireland. (consult).

Orders received before midday will be packaged and posted on the same day, subject to availability and the correct receipt of bank details( for those clients who choose this method of payment).

Deliveries wil take between three and eight days, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

The cost of post & packaging will be added on to the total cost of the purchase. The client will be informed of this cost before finalising a purchase.

N.B.: The cost of p&p indicated does not include any customs charges. In the unlikely event of custom charges being applicable, these will be borne by the client.

Methods of Payment

      Cash on Delivery:

      Payments can be made on or before delivery to our representatives in Ireland, Tony Murphy and Mary Butler. This type of payment must be in cash. If a clent chooses this method of payment, p&p is charged at 5% of total cost of purchases, with a minimum charge of €4.50 (€3.88 + 18% VAT).

  • VISA: You can pay conveniently and securely with your VISA, through the secure server of Caja Madrid Bank. The shop will be automatically redirected to the payment server of Caja Madrid.

Paypal: A safe way to pay with credit or debit cards, regardless of whether or not the client is already a user of Paypal.

Return of Goods

Please read carefully the section Guarantee and Refunds in the Condition of Contract

The client has a window of seven days in which to return a product, provided they have contacted the company to indicate the reason for returning the product. This can be done by e-mail to

If the client wishes to speak to a company representative, they can call 00
+34 934 176 021 or 085 8604552 (Mon to Fri-9 am -12 pm and 3.30pm to 7pm. Sat-9am-12.30 pm.)


The customers of are entitled to all normal guarantees regarding a retail purchase.

Defects or imperfections caused by incorrect usage of a product by the buyer will exclude said product from aforementioned guarantees.

Reduction in effectiveness of a product due to it's non-usage prior to the expiry date will also remove this product from the normal guarantees.

Conditions of Contract

The aforementioned general contractual conditions regulate the business relations which may arise between «Francesc Castellví Granados» (the offerer), based at «C/Emancipació 19», CP: «08017», «Barcelona», Barcelona contact number «+34 934 176 021», «company registration number»: «46118517 K», with the e-mail address of and the acceptor (buyer), who enter into agreement via the company website. Acceptance of the present document has the same contractual validity as a signed contract. The act of following the steps laid out in this document in order to make a purchase signifies unequivocal acceptance of the contract. The offerer reserves the right to modify, at any time, the above conditions, and also all other information contained on the website All business dealings will be conducted in either the Spanish or English languages.

        Relevant Statutory Law
        The general conditions are dictated by Spanish law, in agreement with EU legal directives. In the event of disagreement or conflict between the offerer and the acceptor, these will be resolved in the city of residence of the buyer. Furthermore, the online publication CONFIANZA ONLINE, under the section titled Codigo Etico ( Ethical Code), gives full details regarding extra-judicial resolution of disputes, data protection, protection of minors, and accessibility. The relevant website is ( )

        If any further clarification of these conditions is required, or of the buyer's right to a refund, the aforementioned contact details of Francesc Castellvi Granados should be used. «Francesc Castellví Granados» / «46118517 K» «C/Emancipació 19» , CP: «08017» , «Barcelona», «Barcelona», Telf: «+34 934 176 021»

        Security Guarantee

        All orders made by credit/debit cards are processed securely and sensitive data is protected and encrypted by the most advanced technology available.

        When an order is received via credit/debit cards, this data is automatically received by Servidor Seguro ( Secure Server), which ensures that the transaction is in compliance with the obligatory security norms and that the credit/debit card is valid for the purchase. This confirmation is then made known to the pharmacy , and the transactionj can be completed. If you have any queries regarding Servidor Seguro (Secure Server), please contact us at one of the aforementioned phone numbers or via the website.

        Privacy--Data Protection

        Francesc Castellví Granados (the offerer) based at C/Emancipació 19 company registration number 46118517 K, contact number, +34 934 176 021, with the e-mail address of, n compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1999, undertakes to respect and protect data of a personal or intimate nature. Buyers are informed that non-sensitive information, eg home addresses, entered on the website, signify the buyers consent to such information being used in the following ways:

        a. Contact with persons interested in acquiring products and/or services relating to baby-care.

        b. Contact with persons, companies, pre-school carers ,schools and others concerned with the care and nutritional needs of minors, especially tose ages 0-5 years old, for the purpose of sending information regarding relevant products or services.

        c. Receiving information regarding products/services related to the care of babies.

        d. Receiving information regarding products/services relating to this activity.

        e. Receiving information via e-mail of discounts and promotions on the company web-site.

        f. Receipt of news updates by registered customers involved in child-care, regarding new developments in child-care; of strategic agreeements with third-parties; and of new products concerning the products and services offered by the offeror.

        g. Registered customers, in the child-care sector, having non-sensitive information passed on to other companies in this sector.
        n compliance with the Spanish Data Protection Act of 1999, and EU law,either party is entitled to exercise their rights to: Access, Rectification, Cancellation y Objection within the parameters of the above-mentioned law; fill out the form and mail it with a copy of an ID card to the email or to the postal adress. In the case of the customer not wishing to receive commercial electronic information from other companies, they should click on the box following the statement 'I do not wish to receive infomation from other companies'. The offerer understakes to employ every necessary measure, both technological and organisational, to ensure the security and integrity of all personal data, inorder to avoid it's loss, alteration, and/or access by unauthorised third parties.

          Use of Cookies and Activity Folders.

          The offerer, may himself, or through third parties employed for the sale of the pharmacies products, reserve the right to use cookies when a user is navigating the web-site. Cookies are folders sent to the site navigator by the web server for the purpose of registering the navigator's activities whilst exploring the web-site. The cookies used by the web-site, or by third parties acting in the offerer's name, will be filed with guaranteed anonimity for the browser and their computer, and will not include personal information. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible for the web server to recognise the browser's normal navigation patterns on the web-site. This is for the purpose of simplifying navigation, allowing, for example, access to areas of the web-site reserved for registered users, where they will find information regarding services, promotions and offers, without having to register on every visit to the site. Cookies are also used to measure the number of hits received by the web-site, areas of interest on the web-site, and to enable the pharmacy to be aware of the above. The browser/shopper has the right to be made aware of the presence of cookies whilst navigating the site and to decline their installation if so desired. Please consult your computer instruction manual for more information on how to do this. In order to use the web-site, it is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of these cookies sent by the web-site, or a third party acting on behalf of the offerer, and this does not mean that the user needs to log-in anew each time they visit the web-site. The web-site server can automatically detect the domain used by the browser. All of this information is stored in a server activity file, which allows the latter to process statistical data regarding hits, pages visited, and the order of visits etc. Please note that this information is filed in such a way as to impede the identification of the user, and is only for statistical purposes.

          Legal Notice

              V. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
              These Terms are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit to their choice for the resolution of conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, the courts of the registered user. Also, as an entity attached to TRUST ONLINE and in terms of its ethical code, in case of disputes relating to the recruitment and online advertising, data protection, protection of minors and accessibility, the user may, resort to extrajudicial resolution system CONFIANZA ONLINE disputes. ( )

              For further information, «Francesc Castellví Granados» / «46118517 K» «C/Emancipació 19», CP: «08017» , «Barcelona, Barcelona», Phone: «+34 934 176 021»
              IV.Intellectual Property
              All parts of the web-site, including it's present or future titles, editions, compilations, and other elements necessary for its functioning, the design, logotypes, text and/or graphics are registered as intellectual and industrial property. Any partial or total reproduction of any of the above can only be used with the written permission of the offerer. This also applies to the use, distribution and commercialisation of any of the above. Other logos relating to products which appear on the web-site, belong to the relevant companies and such companies are therefore responsible for the mis-use of their own intellectual property. Any claims of mis-use of intellectual or industrial property, and those relating to the web-site itself, should be directed to

          • III. The Web-Site and the Responsibilities of the Offerer
            The offerer is affiliated to econfia( eTrust) which can be viewed, downloaded or printed at the address . This certification guarantees conformity with current relevant law. This certificate is valid for one year, and is renewed after six months of the first year. All of this information is available to the user by clicking on the icon marked 'certificate'. This certificate contains information on ownership of the company, when the certificate was acquired, the process of acquisition, the date of the most recent renewal, and the expiry date. The offerer disclaims any responsibility for any material on the web-site which has been placed there illegally by third parties unassociated with the company. The web-site has been revised and tested to ensure its correct functioning. In principle, its correct functioning can be guaranteed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the offerer cannot discount the possibility of programming errors, or damaged caused by natural catastrophes, industrial strike action, or circumstances which make access to the web-site impossible. Furthermore, the web-site is configured in such a way that users can register as 'registered users' and have access to products and services announced on the web-site. Registration is carried out in accordance with the specific conditions established by the Aviso Legal y la Politica de Privacidaddel sitio-Web (Legal Notice and Web-Site Privacy.

          II. Object of the Contract
          Access to the present web-site makes the navigator a user thereof, and indicates clear knowledge and acceptance of this legal document in its entirety. All the contents, and also the lay-out, legal documentation and elements which are part of this legal document, may be modified on the part of the offerer without previous notice, and it is therefore advisable for the user to re-read the document upon each visit to the web-site.

        I. General Information
        Francesc Castellví Granados the offerer, is based at C/Emancipació 19, Barcelona, Barcelona with the Company Registration Number 46118517 K, with contact telephone number +34 934 176 021 and with the e-mail address At the present time, Francesc Castellví Granados, operates under the web address

    • V. Relevant Statutory Law

  • IV. Intellectual Property
III. Use of Web-Site and Responsibilities
II. Object of Contract
I. General Information
Safeguard Clause
TAll of the clauses or claims of the present contract should be viewed independently of each other, and if one clause or claim is declared null by judical process, the rest of the contract remains intact. The parties to the contract agree, that in the above case, a new clause or clauses will be inserted in such a manner as to safeguard the integrity of the contract between the parties involved.

Right of Withdrawal from Contract
The receiver has a period of seven days from the postage of the product in which to return it and receive a refund. This is provided they have made contact via e-mail, indicating the reason for the return of a product. If this reason is not communicated electronically within the seven day period, then no refund is possible. In this case, all p+p, and any other costs involved in returning the product, are the responsibility of the acceptor. Furthermore, returned goods must be in the condition in which they were sent out and must be packaged in such a way that will prevent damage to the goods during postage..

Guarantees and Claims
All the products on offer are original brand name products, with a maker's guarantee, and, in principle, without defect. They all come with a 2 year maker's guarantee, which commences at the moment of postage. According to Spanish Law 23/203 of 10th of July, of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, in compliance with EU norms, products with defects, or which fail to function as described in the offer, and where this failing manifests itself during the first 6 months of the contract coming into effect, it is presumed to be the culpability of the maker,making said maker responsible.After this time period, the onus is on the buyer to demonstrate that any defects or errors are the maker's fault. In the case of no such relevant evidence being presented, no refund will be possible. In this case, all expenses relating to post and package and possible return of product, will be incurred by the the purchaser. Where the product is returned as a result of its failure to live up to its description at the moment of offer, the buyer has the right to choose either a full refund or other products containing identical constituents. In all cases, Spanish Law 23/2003 of 10th of July, in compliance with EU norms, shall be adhered to. Refunds will always be paid in the same form as the original purchase when the requirements detailed above are met. Nevertheless, and when permitted by law, the offerer reserves the right not to make a cash refund, but to offer instead any product of the same cost,to the purchaser. All claims should be sent to Nevertheless, a review of the section of this document caled GuarantePurchases are delivered in the manner chosen by the purchaser, when available at time of purchase. Goods will only be delivered when full payment has been received by the seller. Until receipt of payment, the contract does not come into effect. An exception may be made upon the request of the buyer to pay Cash on Delivery. In this case,the contract comes into effect the moment the seller sends the buyer electronic confirmation of the purchase. The offerer informs customers that a chosen product may be out of stock at any given time. In this circumstance, the offerer will need to order said product from it's official distributor,and this may result in delivery being delayed by up to 15 days from the time of payment. In any such cases, the offerer will electronically inform the customer of the circumstance. In the case of insufficient quantities of a product being in stock due to unexpectedly large volume of demand, deliveries will operate on a first-come-first-served basis, and buyers will be informed of the situation and provided with an estimateed time of delivery. This communication may be via telephone or by e-mail. In all cases, it is understood that delivery commences upon the date on the postal receipt in the possession of the offerer. If a customer requires further information regarding delivery costs, times, and specific details on such, it is recommended that they consult the section of this document titled Deliveries

Nature of the Contract
The contract shall be entered into electronically via the web-site of the offerer. Anyone with access to the internet may enter into a contract, with the only proviso being that they have already registered as a user of the web-site. This requirement is essential in order to initiate the contract.the steps necessary to complete the contract are explained in detail above. Further, the activation of the contract is divided into 4 distinct phases:

a. Identification of User.

b. Shopping Basket

c. Resumption of Shopping.

d. Confirmation.

The user needs only select the desired product and press on the button market 'Trolley'. This initiates the process of engaging in a contract, which is completed by following the steps mentioned above. Any of the goods placed in the shopping trolley may be removed, if the user indicates such a desire. However, if the user decides to continue with the purchase, they should read clearly and, express agreement with the conditions of the contract and the privacy of the web-site. Once this stage has been completed, the user then moves on to the phase of the binding legal contract itself. The user needs to identify themselves as a registered customer by introducing their e-mail address and password.In the case of non registered users, registration must take place before any purchase is confirmed. This requires the introduction of certain private information which is essential for the control, invoicing, and delivery of orders. Once the user's identity has been verified, they will be given a resume of products ordered and a breakdown of total costs. If a user changes any of the data they have previously entered regarding purchases, these changes will automatically appear on the monitor screen. Further, there is also an area on the web-site for the user to give feedback on previous purchases. Even if specific products are added at this stage, the user should continue as normal, leaving everything in the 'basket' until they click on the icon marked 'continue with transaction'. Users wishing more detail should consult the section of this document titled 'How to Make a Purchase'. Once the purchase has been finalised, a list of the products chosen will appear on the monitor screen. When credit card is the chosen method of payment, the purchase will be completed when the card details have been authenticated by the bank in question. When other methods of payment are chosen, these should take place as soon as possible. Wiithin 24 hours, the buyer will receive an e-mail detailing their purchases. This is legal confirmation of the transaction and obliges the offerer to comply with the specifics thereof, provided the correct monies have beeen paid. If no such confirmation is received, please check in 'unwanted mail' or 'spam' as the confirmatory e-mail may have been mis-identified as spam. If the confirmation e-mail is not found, please contact us without delay, in order that we can solve the problem. The acceptor has a period of 24 hours in which to pay for the goods or services ordered. If this does not occur, the offerer requires the right to cancel the purchase. The offerer wishes to inform acceptors that all purchases are registered in a file dedicated to purchases made, payments made, and stage of delivery of new purchases. The user may access all information regarding previous under the icon marked 'My Orders', where they can review previous orders, dates and costs thereof, and method of payment used.

The offerer is not repsonsible for the interruption of access, working order and operation of the web page where this is caused by unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the offerer's control, including those already mentioned but not limited to such, examples being government action, fire, acts of God, insurrection, technical failures, mutiny, explosions and terrorist activity, legal strikes, telephone network errors, and any other circumstances outside the control of the offerer. The offerer is obliged to ensure that the information on contents, data, or other matters regarding products or services offered on the web-site, is faithful, truthful and exact, and priced as offered. However, the offerer is not responsible for any information which may be introduced by unauthorised parties.The offerer sells only the products offered on the web-site. All goods on offer come with a maker's guarantee and are refundable, following the correct legal procedures. For more information, consult the section of this document titled "Guarantees and Claims.".

The present document regulates the purchase of goods and services from the web-site of the offerer, and forms the basic document which determines the contractual relationship between the parties. For this reason, if the user does not understand or accept the terms laid out in this document, they should not click on the 'acceptance' icon..

C.C.: 2038-8922-80-6000134429 Caja Madrid

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Name: Francesc Castellví Granados
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